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Retreat on January 30-31, 2016 – Blessed Sr. Josephine Nicoli

Starting our retreat and prayer, we sang: Sister Josephine is always with us, Everything changes when she is around, Because joy comes to us instead of sorrow. Who loves? – Who serves? Who prays for us? – It's Sister Josephine! Then, during the following minutes and hours, words being at the same time questions accompanied us: "What does it mean to be good and merciful, following the example of Sister Josephine? To what extent do we image Sister Josephine?" A great tally of children and ...
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Retreat takes place in Odesa (Fontanka)

Sometimes it happens so that we want to break free from our daily routine, from our dull and drab existence, from things we would like to change in our lives, but we do not know how to do it. It seems that taking a r ...

Feast of St. Vincent de Paul in Svaliava

Keep awake… That was the topic of a spiritual meeting in Svaliava on St. Vincent de Paul's Day. At the invitation of members of St. Frederic Ozanam Conference, guests arrived from Perechyn and Dovhe. ...

Charitable reception at God gift’s house

In September (20-27) we observe a week of celebration and prayer to St. Vincent de Paul who all his life served the poor and the destitute. It is at that time when, affirming the charisma of St. Vincent de Paul, t ...

Holidays with God (Perechyn)

Summer is a wonderful time for making vacations, distant trips and having a rest in the mountains. Such a splendid opportunity called on our Uzhanska Dolyna as well, where children of the parishes of Turia Remeta, Perechyn, Vel ...


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