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On the road to the priesthood

Being a priest – a burden or a joy calling …

Making perpetual vows, the consecrated person knowingly refuses to marry, renounces wealth, yet much of it and refuses at first glance looks very sad and unfair. From the wealth of the earth can refuse anyone. But not everyone can donate whole life to God for the ministry to continue missionary message of Christ to proclaim the Gospel to the poor, devote themselves just in the hands of the Lord with complete trust and love. Yes, giving your life to God with love, you may live in purity, obedience, poverty, prayer and endure to the end. How many people can religious person help! May God be glorified in his chosen and designed!

Yan Vakulchak our seminarian Congregation of the Mission has chosen the path of becoming a priest as well as once St. Vincent de Paul – decided to serve the poor and needy. In the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, he concluded the eternal marriages, and on the second day, the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, received the diaconal ordination – the first stage of the priesthood. Father Ian Bishop Purvinskyy held a ceremony of ordination. To support and rejoice and celebrate this day Yan’s family, sister nuns, priest’s missionaries and friends had come.

On the way chosen in daily prayer, in daily work, Yan will go to the poor, the needy, those who seek the Lord shall make known the joy of salvation, mercy, love Christ. We pray while walking the way of the priesthood Yan and all those who dedicated his life to the Lord, had the wisdom, courage, endurance, strength and all necessary grace.


Seminarians Congregation of the Mission Seminary St. Justin de Yakobisa


picture from eternal marriages:

pictures from diaconal ordination


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