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Vincentian cookie

The Vincentian cookie campaign has been already held in Ukraine for the third year in a row. Each year, the parishes, where the Vincentian Family operates, join in the project by baking and spreading Vincentian gingerbreads. Then the parishes take all the collected money and make one grand donation to support a specified project. In 2016, those funds were used in Perechyn to feed for the whole month lonely unconnected elderly people unable to take care of themselves. Thanks to your support, this activity makes further progress owing to other people. The money collected in 2017 were handed over to the ...
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Vincentian cookie campaign announced

For the fifth year in a row already, the Vincentian Family arranges The Vincentian cookie campaign. In this way, we invite people to help the poor, people in need and the most destitute. The campaign has been supported ...

Vincentian Gingerbread-2018 campaign outcome

Throughout September and in some parishes in October as well, the Vincentian Family held its campaign The Vincentian Gingerbread, during which they baked heart-shaped gingerbreads and distributed them for donati ...


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