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Vincentian cookie campaign announced

For the fifth year in a row already, the Vincentian Family arranges The Vincentian cookie campaign. In this way, we invite people to help the poor, people in need and the most destitute. The campaign has been supported by Ukrainian bishops of the majority of dioceses and has therefore received their blessing.

During the 2020 campaign, we shall collect donations aimed to support the functioning of a homeless shelter in Kyiv – the House of Overnight Stay. Therein, homeless persons get a free night stay and sanitary and hygienic services (i.e., taking shower, doing their laundry and eating some food). Up to 30 people stay overnight at the shelter every day. Expenses per one person for one day make about UAH 50.

So, we encourage everyone to support The Vincentian cookie campaign with your donations so that organizers can keep this shelter functioning further on. The campaign will last through the end of 2020.

You can make a donation in a parish or by pushing the interactive button 

at the website

More information on The Vincentian cookie campaign can be found at this website.


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