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Our formation

“Our formation, which is a constant process, should be directed to ensure that members of the Congregation resuscitated by the spirit of St. Vincent, would be able to carry out the message of Community “(C 77, §1).


If you come to our candidacy, then Vice-provincial Parish priest entrusts you to the priest, who is appointed for this. He will be your mentor. The candidacy proceeds individually, according to your maturity, it should not last less than six months and more than two years. In some of our houses you will live, work, pray and entertain. The main task of candidacy is to prepare a person for a full dedication to God, following Jesus Christ in the service of the charism of our Congregation.

Novitiate (Seminarium Internum)

Novitiate (Seminarium Internum) is a period when the following objectives are achieved:

  1. To teach seminarians to know and love St. Vincent and the Congregation; lead them to the fact that they may let themselves to construct and get into the Vincent spirit to devote all their lives to the evangelization of the poor.
  2. Vincent formation contains teaching and learning the following:
  3. Biography of St. Vincent, his conferences, correspondence and his apostolic and charitable works;
  4. St. Vincent’s spirituality;
  5. History of the Congregation and our Vice-Province;
  6. General Rules, the Constitution, charters and regulations of the Vice Province;
  7. Other Vincent concerns and familiarity with them;
  8. Life and concerns of Congregation in the world today;
  9. The meaning and importance of Bonum propositum;
  10. The other communities that were founded by St. Vincent;
  11. Vincent societies and communities that rose in the spirit of St. Vincent.

Higher Seminarium

“The time in the Seminarium is intended for getting general knowledge of the priest’s service in the Vincent spirit. It is being held in the way to make seminarians be ready to evangelize, praise worship and   pastoral service of the faithful following the example of Christ proclaiming the gospel Himself. (K 87, §1).

Furthermore, in the spirit of St. Vincent and tradition of the Congregation, “formation of our seminarians should be directed above all at the service of the God’s word and the manifestation of cause of mercy to the poor” (K 87, §2).

Higher Seminarium henceforth deepens the spirit of internal Seminarium, but its program is more directly aimed at the theoretical and practical preparation for the priest’s service .

Our spiritual formation is in the house- seminarium “God’s Gift” in Kyiv, and intellectual formation takes place in the Higher Seminarium of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the city Vorzel.

Brother Monk

The one who understands that his calling isn’t focused on the priestly status, but as the brother’s task he has to learn the spirit of St. Vincent during the period of formation. To live according to the Gospel virtues and try to understand the meaning and the greatness of spiritual and physical work to be able deliberately and with joy accept the responsibilities which will be confined to him by his mentor.

Brothers after the leaving internal Seminarium (Novitiate) have to study in the field of theology, humanitarian or technical sciences at least for three years.

The brothers are those who help in the daily work in separate houses. In each house there is lots of work, and that is why their message followed by the example of St. Joseph, being a laborer in Jesus’ intimacy. This message is sublime, indeed, and very respectful before God.

Everyone is called to live in heaven, live with God.

Consecrated life is deeply rooted as in the example and Lord Christ’s word. It is a gift of God Father to the Church through the Holy Spirit. The compliance evangelical virtues, typical Jesus’ features: purity, poverty and obedience, in a typical and long way are shown them to the world. Thus, the view of faithful is drawn to the mystery of the God’s kingdom which is already present in history, but fully will be accomplished in the sky.

During the centuries, has never lacked people who are obedient to God’s calling and the Holy Spirit. Who chose a way of special following Christ in order to surrender him with “indivisible heart” (cf. 1 Cor 7, 34). Just like the Apostles, they left everything to be with Him, and like He they devote themselves to serving God and people (VC 1).

If you want to know more, or feel the calling to serve God in the service of neighbor, especially the poor, following the example of St. Vincent – apply for us.


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