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Results of the “Vincentian Gingerbread – 2022” campaign

«Vincentian Gingerbread – 2022» campaign, which took place in the situation of war, has come to an end.

As for me, it was a lesson of trusting God. In the chaos of war, our mind and heart were troubled by new difficult issues – what we should do, how we should act, in which way we should choose those who need help, whether we will be able to help as many people as possible… However, the Lord is not afraid of chaos, but guides us and goes ahead of us so that we were able to do what we can.

There are many destroyed houses in the villages of Kyiv region liberated from the Russian occupation. Once Mrs. Olga (a resident of the village of Moschun, Kyiv region) invited us, the volunteers, to see the ruins left by the «liberators» in their village. Winter was coming soon, and it was time to start rebuilding. Mrs. Olga and her husband were ready to get to work but they needed building materials. This is how we choose the direction of our volunteer assistance — because it is very important to clearly understand who exactly needs our support and in which way, to have a clear work plan.

At the next meeting of the representatives of the Vincentian family we made a decision to hold the «Vincentian gingerbread» campaign in order to support people who want to restore their destroyed houses. Due to the collected donations, we helped 16 families with the building materials, aerated concrete blocks, insulation, slate and wood.

Believers of Roman and Greek Catholic parishes from all over Ukraine joined the «Vincentian Gingerbread» campaign, and donations were received to a special bank account.

Thanks to all the donors, due to your help the light of hope has lit up in the souls of the survivors. May the Lord reward you with his gifts. Let faith, hope in kindness and mercy fill our hearts.

S. Marta Meshko, SM


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