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Thanks for support from the action “Vincentian cookies” -2019 – Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent de Paul (Ukrainian Greek-Cagholic Church)

Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me (Mt 25:40)

Over the course of 17 years, the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent de Paul (Ukrainian Greek-Cagholic Church) working at 73 Antonovych Street in Lviv, have been caring for the sick and elderly people. At Bethany House, the Sisters have rendered assistance to over 150 sick people, half of which resided at the House till the end of their lives. Among their inmates, there have been Greek Catholic bishops, priests, although the majority of patients have been and still are lay people that are often lonely unconnected persons, low-income persons who cannot be left without adequate care.

Year by year, the Sisters do their best to raise the level of life of their care recipients. They seek help from charitable organizations and benefactors. Thus, the Sisters have managed to buy tilting beds and mattresses for preventing pressure sores for every inmate as well as to do repairs in rooms.

Thanks to “Vincentian Gingerbread-2019” charitable campaign, during which UAH 230,086.5 have been raised, the Sisters have purchased bare essentials – adult diapers. Moreover, they have equipped their kitchen with a steam-pipe oven, a professional dish washer and furniture made of food stainless steel. Thus, they have met the sanitary requirements for nursing care institutions in Ukraine. Presently, there is an extremely urgent issue of kitchen staff. Therefore, these things will be of a great help in fast and quality food cooking. From now on, the Sisters will be able to spare more time for their patients and create home comfort for them.

Over the recent years, we have seen an increasing number of cancer-stricken persons among our patients. For this reason, they are in need of special care, including quality food. We are infinitely grateful to all who care for us, to all who have participated in the campaign, because your donations contribute to joyful smiles of our inmates and their well-off senior years.

S. Valentyna Ryabushko


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