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Funny Carnival or How to Train Your Dragon!

On Saturday, February 6, ahead of the start of Lent, the fourth in succession yearly carnival for children and the youth took place in the Parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Saltivka community, Kharkiv!

This year it was also special with children wearing dragon and Viking costumes, because the carnival theme was the known and adored by both children and adults fairy tale of Toothless and his friend Hiccup – How to Train Your Dragon!

Children of after-school center Oasis of Hope prepared a breathtaking and interesting performance based on that fairy tale. Costumes, decorations and actors’ performance were terrific and so sincere that it seemed all the audience was in a cave of a real life dragon! Their performance was worthy of the highest praise.

After the performance, funny contests and dances prepared by children themselves and the youth awaited everyone. It was so fun, and there were so many emotions that everyone even got a bit tired.

At the end of the carnival, everyone could get a sweet treat and take lots of photos with dragons.

None wanted to part… It is even hard to say who received more joy and positive mood – children or their parents who were even gladder to see them having fun and playing together. Great thanks go to all those who organized and held such a wonderful holiday for children and the youth.



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