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Prayer meeting with some the people the Vincentian family serves in Kyiv

"This poor soul cried, and was heard by the Lord." These words taken from the Bible bring hope. Every person is a poor soul before God. And if poor souls unite in a prayer, the Lord visits them, comes to them and is present among them. The Word of God inspires us, wakens hope within us and urges to call on God in prayer. Every evening a warming center, where the homeless from the railway station area get their shelter during this winter, becomes a sanctuary from which a prayer to God Almighty is raised. We pray together with the needy. Our common prayer will last for nine days. Through ...
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Winter holidays

During Christmas and New Year holidays period, children and the youth could spend their winter holidays in the Parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Kharkiv with benefit for others and joy for themselves. ...

Joint holidays in Bukovel

On February 8, seminarians along with their principal left for Bukovel for joint holidays. Although the way from Kyiv was far, it was fun. ...

Love Feast 2016

The feast of St. Valentine, 14th February 2016 was celebrated in style by the students. The Holy Mass was well attended as most students invited their friends from other churches. ...

Retreat takes place in Odesa (Fontanka)

Sometimes it happens so that we want to break free from our daily routine, from our dull and drab existence, from things we would like to change in our lives, but we do not know how to do it. It seems that taking a r ...


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