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“What will this child be?”, marveled all …. Prophet of the Most High … He will prepare the way … But he was not accepted … He was not understood. He was not carried on hands, and, in the end, his head was cut off, maybe by these who marveled at his birth …
St. John the Baptist is the patron of the parish in the village. Kominternivske that is in Odessa region . His life is very pronouncing today. It is often said, “You have a bad life, because you do not believe in God and do not go to Church”. So anyhow we come to God. Every Sunday we go to the Service, for the Almighty will bless us. And what if we go to Church, pray in the morning and in the evening, and our loved-ones are sick however… So where is God? Exactly the same was the life of John the Baptist. He was a Prophet, but in prison … And also, in the parish in the village Kominternivske parishioners came to pray, but there are various obstacles, difficult situation. And one could ask, “Where is God? Do they come to pray and not to watch TV? “- So look at life with God people of weak faith. And parishioners know that it is a trial and that the Lord knows what He does. That is why, a Parish holiday was really a great solemnity! It was a celebration of faith! We were very happy with the presence of our pastor Bishop of Odessa-Simferopol diocese Bronislav Bernadskyi. For where is a Shepherd – there is a Church.
We are thankful to parishioners for their example of the strong faith and courage. We are thankful to all guests from Onyskiv, Perechyn, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine for the presence and common prayer.

s. Maria



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