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Трохи з історії Римо-католицької церкви на Слобожанщині Перша згадка про католицьку церкву на Слобожанщині відноситься до середини XVIII ст. За даними 1773 року у Харкові проживало близько 100 іноземців, більшість з яких були християнами-католиками. На початку XIX століття, в зв’язку з відкриттям університету, кількість католиків значно зросла. В багатонаціональну спільноту харківських католиків входили: поляки, литовці, білоруси, французи, бельгійці, німці і українці. ...
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Funny Carnival or How to Train Your Dragon!

On Saturday, February 6, ahead of the start of Lent, the fourth in succession yearly carnival for children and the youth took place in the Parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Saltivka community, Kharkiv! ...

Ministrants' meeting 2016

A ministrants' meeting took place at Kyiv House "Gods gift" on April 15-17, 2016. This year ministrants from Khakiv came to us. The meeting was held by Fr. Vasyl Zinych, CM. The theme of the conference was "Ministrant's actions an ...

IMCS executive meeting 2016

The IMCS executive meeting for 2016 was held on the 9th of April, 2016, at the Vincentian Provincial House 'God's Gift'. In attendance were students leaders of IMCS branches in Kiev, Zaporozhe, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, S ...

Winter holidays

During Christmas and New Year holidays period, children and the youth could spend their winter holidays in the Parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Kharkiv with benefit for others and joy for themselves. ...

Love Feast 2016

The feast of St. Valentine, 14th February 2016 was celebrated in style by the students. The Holy Mass was well attended as most students invited their friends from other churches. ...


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