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Winter holidays

During Christmas and New Year holidays period, children and the youth could spend their winter holidays in the Parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Kharkiv with benefit for others and joy for themselves.

Musical comedy theater visits, going outs to Timur and to the movies were organized for them. Together children could prolong the joy of those fabulous and adored holidays.

And the parish youth (VMM) did their best on that Christmas.

During Advent, they used to bake Christmas cookies every Saturday at a parish center. What is more, both girls and boys got involved! On the last Sunday before Christmas they distributed those cookies to parishioners, and everyone could give a donation for them. The raised funds were reserved for holding VMM formation events.

During the holidays, the youth spent several days together at a parish center, taking more time for prayer, playing and participating in several concerts. The first one was a yearly Christmas concert in the parish, the second one was special, that is in the neighboring parish of the Holy family in Kharkiv. Priests and sisters organized a 2-day charitable event for children of displaced persons from the ATO area (about 400 persons). And our youth came up with some Christmas carols that brightened up that event.

The holidays were spent with benefit for children and the youth, and they brought Christmas joy to many people, especially children.



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