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Congregation of the Mission

Місіонери св. Вікентія, Вікентійці, Отці Лазаристи Святий Вікентій Де Поль заснував Конгрегацію Місіонерів (лат. Congregatio Missions, CM, фр. Congrеgation de la Mission, CM) в 1625 році з метою євангелізації убогих, а також освіти та богословської підготовки священиків. Історія Задум створення нової конгрегації виник у св. Вікентія де Поля, коли той служив у родині генерала Гонді та одночасно навчав катехізису бідни ...
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Day 9: Habemus Superiorem Generalem!

Our day began with mass celebrated by Fr. Greg, his last as superior general. At the end of mass, Bishop Varghese led the assembled confreres in a prayer of blessing over him. ...


"What will this child be?", marveled all .... Prophet of the Most High ... He will prepare the way ... But he was not accepted ... He was not understood. He was not carried on hands, and, in the end, his head w ...

Funny Carnival or How to Train Your Dragon!

On Saturday, February 6, ahead of the start of Lent, the fourth in succession yearly carnival for children and the youth took place in the Parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Saltivka community, Kharkiv! ...

On the road to the priesthood

Being a priest - a burden or a joy calling ... Making perpetual vows, the consecrated person knowingly refuses to marry, renounces wealth, yet much of it and refuses at first glance looks very sad and unfair. From the wealt ...

Renewal of Missions in Vynohradiv

There were missions held by Fr. Stanislav Irisik and Fr. Olexandr Hurski, Missionaries of St. Vincent (Lazarists) and S. Miriam Novitska and S. Clara Partem, Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent of Eastern ...


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