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Inauguration of the new Vice-Visitor of the Vice-Province

September 27, 2016 Fr. Tomaz Mavric, CM, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission appointed Fr. Jan Trzop СМ as Vice-Visitor of the Vice-Province of SS. Cyril and Methodius.

Inauguration of new Vice-Visitor took place on October 20 in Kyiv in the house “God’s gift”. During the solemn Mass Fr. Jan confessed the faith and took the oath of Fidelity. The confreres from different parts of Ukraine and from Poland and Belarus came at Mass to share this important moment in the history of the Vice-Province with him.

Father Jan has already served for more than 20 years in Ukraine. He was a successful missionary in various communities in Ukraine: in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Bukovyna, Odesa.

In his speech Fr. Jan thanked his predecessors – Fr. Paul Roche CM, who was a founder and the first Vice-Visitor of the Vice Province, and Fr. Tomaz Mavric CM. Before the end of the Liturgy Fr. Jan shared his feelings on the day when Superior General called him and asked if he will accept this commitment. “Having opened the Liturgical readings on that day, I mentioned the righteous Job, who curses the day when he was conceived, and in the Gospel – that Jesus voluntary choose His way knowing that he goes to Jerusalem to suffer and die. I understood – said Fr. Jan – that in life of the righteous Job the curse turned into a blessing and Jesus rose after His death and gave us eternal life. These liturgical reading filled my heart with courage and hope to accept this allegiance. And in today’s Gospel – continued Fr. Jan – Jesus tells on the fire of love that He brought on this earth and wants the hearts of all His followers to be burned and filled with it. I understand that I am not alone, there are 25, and even 30 with the seminarians missionaries of Vice-Province of SS. Cyril and Methodius with me, whose hearts are burning with this love and seeking to follow St. Vincent, proclaiming the Good News to the poor. Father Jan urged all the confreres and Vincentian Family to cooperate and asked for a prayer.

Finally, Father Anatoly Tovkan CM, Superior of the house “God’s gift” wished productive work and God’s blessing to Fr. Jan and invited all the participants to festive dinner and agape.

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