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Retreat in Syniak, Sep. 25-30, 2016

“Look attentively, brothers, to your calling!”

Our common seminary retreat took place already the third time in the beautiful corner of Carpathians.

We already felt the autumn freshness, but that place itself helped us to stop, calm down and to reflect on the past, present and what is going to be with us. During this spiritual retreat we celebrated the day of Saint Vincent de Paul. This event became very special for each of us: Roman celebrated his birthday, Ivan and I (Serhiy) gave thanks for our fifth anniversary in the Congregation. This day we served the special Solemn Mass. Next day we all walked up the hill, praying the Stations of the Cross. It was interesting to see again the cross which we put there two years ago, while praying the same Stations of the Cross.This awoke some good memories of our previous retreat.

The topic of our retreat was: “Renewal and confirmation of our calling to the priesthood”. By scooping from the source of the Scripture, we tried to go deeper and deeper inside ourselves and to lose everything what enslaved us and disturbed us on our way to God’s voice in order to realize His Will.

We would like not to be filled by the Holy Spirit only once, but we want to come back to everyday life as new people, to bring the joy of God’s presence to everyone whom we meet on the way.

Sem. Serhiy Penikivskyi.



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