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The renovation of the Holy Missions of St. Vincent de Paul in Kharkiv

The renovation of the Holy Missions, which happened in our parish exactly a year ago- right before the Kermesse as the spiritual preparation to the 20th anniversary of parish, took place from the 22nd to the 25th of September.

Fr. Stanislav Irsik CM, Fr. Oleksandr Hurskyi CM, Fr. Dominik Mariia Simon OP, and s. Jozefa Sterle MC. As our parish is multicultural and multilingual all Liturgies, conferences and meetings took part in four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and French. We have also heard before about life and charisma of st. Vincent de Paul, but one of the most important branches of his activities were Holy Missions. Our parish priest used to tell us often that we couldn’t speak about this saint without mentioning about Holy Missions. This year, as well as the last year, our parish got a lot of God’s blessings and a lot of the Holy Spirit gifts, but the test of our faith and trustfulness to God, Church and Sacraments too, in order to study how to be gentle and humble like Jesus Christ. Conferences and meetings were organized for children, youth, foreigner students and adults. We have also visited sick people of our parish which couldn’t visit church themselves. We used to have some time for personal and common prayer in front of Blessed Sacrament, Confession, and the renovation of the baptism sacrament. We also had the possibility to communicate with priest as well as with sister.

The renovation of the Holy Missions has been finished with the prayer and the special blessings near the mission cross on which the word “Love” is carved already 21 years ago.

These few days were very special for us and parish! This time renewed our hearts and souls! We are very grateful to the mission group for the invaluable gift of God’s word and their presence on our parish! Let merciful God bless you and help you in your daily work. We also promise to pray for you and your job in the field of Holy Missions! Saint Vincent de Paul, who was called to spread the Gospel among the poor, pray for us!

Parishioners of the parish of Saint Vincent de Paul in Kharkiv



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