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Association of the Miraculous Medal on pilgrimage in Zarvanytsia

_DSC6385Members of the Association of Kyiv city planned to go on a pilgrimage to Zarvanytsia during several years, it is also known as Ukrainian Lourdes - the largest sanctuary of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Due to various circumstances the trip was delayed, but this year a miracle happened and July 15-16 Marian Sisters of the Miraculous Medal from Kyiv and Zakarpattia, members of Association of the Miraculous Medal and Fr. Michael Talapkanych of the Congregation of the Mission went to this sanctuary. Yearly about 100 000 pilgrims from different parts of Ukraine come to Zarvanytsia to pray, to ask for grace, donating their time and prayers … This year's pilgrimage w ...
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Jan Valkuchak CM received a priestly ordination

On June 24, 2017 Deacon Jan Valkuchak CM received a priestly ordination to serve in the Church of the Congregation of Mission from the hands of Bishop Antal Maynek OFM in the St. Martin of Tours Cathedral in ...

The first vows of our sister Vasylyna

Yesterday was the feast of the Visitation of Our Lady to her cousin Elizabeth and besides this feast we had another great celebration, it is the first vows of our sister Vasylyna. The Holly mass was preached in English ...

Celebrations in Fontanka…

Not long ago we experienced the joy of Pilgrimage of Vincentian Family to the Tomb of blessed Martha Wiecka; and the pilgrimage of the relics of blessed Martha Wiecka through Ukraine is finished. Our stay in Snyatyn was a time o ...

VIII Pilgrimage to the Blessed Martha Weicka

The Vincentian Family organizes a pilgrimage to the tomb of the Blessed Martha Weicka in Sniatyn the eighth year consecutively. More than 1000 pilgrims came on May 27-28 to pray and ask for the grace with the pa ...


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