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Life goes on
Life goes on!

This is a story about a client of ours who begins a new life at the age of 85! In her respected age, the lady has suffered a lot of hardships but still managed to survive without losing hope for a better future! ...

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A charity event "Vincentian cookie"

During September, the Vincentian Family conducts a charity event "Vincentian cookie". During the campaign, the Vincentian Family wants to involve as many people as possible in charity to help the needy. ...

Unforgettable summer!

During the period of 20-29 August, “Depaul Ukraine” in Sniatyn organized a sea holiday for 16 boarders of the Zaluchchia and Sniatyn orphanages. ...

United, we are stronger!

In August, in cooperation with Food Bank Ukraine homeless and low-income citizens of Kharkiv were provided with tasty and healthy dairy products, along with hot food daily provided by the “Depaul Ukraine”. ...

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AIC - 400 YEAR - Jubilee

23rd August 1617 – 23rd August 2017 AIC celebrates on 23rd August 400 years since the foundation of the first group of Charities On this big day, all 150,000 volunteers in the AIC network will celebrate the foundation o ...

Vyzyrchanka Homemade Bakery – DePaul Yummies  

While establishing Community in Dialogue rehabilitation centers we had the idea to ​​create a social enterprise at established centers. After all, considerable resources are required to cover current expend ...


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