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The relics of St. Vincent de Paul in Odesa region

On August 23, Saint Vincent de Paul (his relics) visited the poor of the city of Odesa in house of Depaul Ukraine in Odesa.  As St. Vincent walked at streets of the cities and served the poor and people in ...

Holidays in Croatia

The youth from the villages of Tyri Remety and Onokivtsi supervised by Fr. Anton Yedynak, CM, Fr. Anatolii Tovkan, CM, Sr. Ivanchytsia Fulir, MC, and Sr. Kateryna Vasylenko, MC, set off for the splendid country of Croatia on an extraord ...

Holidays with God in Dzhublyk mountain area

A summer camp for minor kids took place between July 8th and July 12th, 2019 in Dzhublyk. Dzhublyk is a mountain area near the village of Nyzhnie Bolotne located in Irshava district, Zakarpattia region, Ukrain ...


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