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Renewal of Missions in Vynohradiv

There were missions held by Fr. Stanislav Irisik and Fr. Olexandr Hurski, Missionaries of St. Vincent (Lazarists) and S. Miriam Novitska and S. Clara Partem, Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent of Eastern ...

Parish missions in Tiachiv

Between April 3 and 10, 2016, the Fathers of the Mission of St. Vincent de Paul, along with the UGCC Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent, held parish missions in Tiachiv, Zakarpattia region, Western Ukraine. The Greek Catholic Pari ...

Holy Mission in Baranyntsi

Between March 13 and 20, 2016, the Holy Mission took place in the Greek-Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Baranyntsi, Zakarpattia region, Western Ukraine. It was held by Fathers of the ...

 Missions in Baranyntsi

In the modern world we are running in a big circular flow, we do not have time, we have a lot of duties, a lot of different information… and there is God somewhere in it! And now we have a good time! This is the blessed time of th ...


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