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Holy Mission in Baranyntsi

Between March 13 and 20, 2016, the Holy Mission took place in the Greek-Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Baranyntsi, Zakarpattia region, Western Ukraine. It was held by Fathers of the Mission of the Congregation of the Mission of St. Vincent de Paul – Fr. Stanislav and Fr. Vitalii. Consecrated Sisters also participated in this Mission.

The faithful of the parish were extremely glad at such a Mission being held. We have never had such a Mission in our parish before.

The Mission event program was very busy and diverse. Every morning and evening the Holy Liturgy was celebrated supervised by a common catechesis.

Three times a week a Sister held classes for children after their First Communion and up to the seventh grade. Once a week there was a class for children preparing for their First Communion, and four meetings with the youth and students were held. Five times during that week the Holy Rosary prayer and the Chaplet of the Devine Mercy were recited.

The faithful of the village were very touched by the prayers of wedding vows renewal and the blessing of widowers that were held for them. The Fathers also administered a blessing for children and soon-to-be-mothers or women wishing to become mothers.

However, the most important part of that Mission was preparation, encouragement and explanations offered to the faithful about making their general confession, i.e., the confession covering their whole life. The faithful from other neighboring villages (Dravtsi, Mynai, Dovhe Pole, etc.) and the city of Uzhhorod also participated in that kind of confession.

On Thursday a consecrated Sister prepared the sick at their homes for the Confession, and the following day the Fathers heard confessions of the sick and administered the Sacraments of the Anointing of the Sick, Confession and the Holy Communion to them.

The faithful of the parish are very grateful to Fathers Stanislav and Vitalii for holding a night requiem at a cemetery and the Stations of the Cross as well as for miraculous medals of God’s Mother that were presented to the faithful.

The Fathers of the Mission brought a statue of the Virgin Mary Immaculate to our church. That statue is passed on to every family for one week following a list of those who subscribed. A lot of families volunteered and enrolled for that pilgrimage of the Immaculate from house to house.

Father Vitalii delivered a sermon and taught the faithful how to pray for alcohol addicts. A book, in which names of those who abandoned alcohol for the whole year (as their sacrifice for those alcohol addicts whose names were also featured in that book) were written down, was left for parishioners. Moreover, the Fathers of the Mission brought along with them the relics of St. Vincent de Paul for veneration.

A Cross of the Mission was prepared ahead of the start of the Mission. As the Mission ended, a sermon was celebrated at that Cross by His Excellency Milan Shashik, CM.

The Fathers brought loads of interesting spiritual didactic literature with them.

All the faithful express their deep gratitude to Father Stanislav, Father Vitalii and consecrated Sisters for the spiritual revival of the parish and their great work during the Mission.

We wish them sound health and God’s mercy so that they could further work in God’s vineyard for a long time. Many years to come!

Kind regards,

the faithful of the Greek-Catholic Church of Baranyntsi



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