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Not long ago in Kyiv the missionary house “God’s Gift” was built like the central house of Vice-Province of Sts. Cyril and Methodius. There is a “Chapel of Blessings” in the house, which was ceremoniously blessed on the 5th May, 2005 by the bishop Yan Purvinskyi. From this very moment the life in this house has begun.

For 16 years the fathers from Missionary Congregation of St. Vincent de Paul have been serving for goods of Holy Church and faithful in Kyiv. The house, that is situated on the roadside of the hill got its name God’s Gift not incidentally, is the evidence of priests’ presence who serve in spirit of St. Vincent de Paul. In the same time this house is the witness of all goods which God had given and is still giving through truly serving by fathers-missionaries and Sisters of Mary and volunteers as well. For this goodness we are grateful to God. This house “God’s Gift” which towers on the hill has been, is and will be the witness of God’s activity. This house is a mark of God’s blessing and His presence. It is also the evidence of loyalty of all those who are used of God and people in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul.

Now seven priests and five seminarians live in the house.

Priests are involved in different pastoral activity.

The Vice-provincial is Father Jan Trzop. He takes care of financial and spiritual wealth of province, takes active part in the life of the house as well. In doing so he helps and shares his work experience.

Father Anatoliy Tovkan is superior of the house and a director of seminarians. His main task is caring about seminarians’ education. Father Anatoliy gives pastoral care to medical workers (Christian Doctors Assosiation) and others. O. Robert Puzia is a academic of Higher Ecclesiastical Seminarium of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Vorzel, who cares about intellectual and spiritual seminarians’ education. Father Mukhailo Talapkanych is a secretary of Vice-Province, Father Slavomir Vartalskyi is a confessor of Seminarium, Father Lika gives pastoral care to the Vietnamese Communities in Kyiv and Odessa, Father Oleksiy Shevchenko is having hard injury aftercare now.

In Kyiv House there is a center of seminarians’ formation. Five seminarians live there. They are Ivan Velimets, Sergiy Penkivskyi, Anatoliy Fritsler, Roman Vintoniak and Yan Vakulchak. They study at Higher Ecclesiastical Seminarium of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Vorzel. In this scholastic institution their intellectual formation is proceeding. Joining up to pastoral activity seminarians take part in the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s work.

In this house, except the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, there is Association of the Miraculous Medal, Volunteers School, The Kyiv union of catholic doctors, pastoral care of Vietnamese faithful and other communities for serving and evangelizing poor.

The Sisters of Mary of Miraculous Medal’s work helps a lot in house life. S. Marta Meshko, s. Barbara Peterlin, s. Vasylyna.

Розклад Богослужінь

Пн, пт – 18:30 (17:50 – вечірня і молитва св. Розарія)

Сб – 8:00

Нд – 10:00 Розарій,

   10:30 – Служба Божа (українською), 19:00 – Служба Божа (в’єтнамською)

В свята, які припадають на робочі дні, Служба Божа відправляється о 18:30


Congregation of the Mission

Krasnodonska str. 1B, 03035, Kyiv

tel.: (044) 520 03 28


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