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To meet God in the one who suffers…. (The project of MC in Odesa 17.07-08.08.2016)

Since the 17th of July till the 8th of August during the project for homeless (and not only) Sisters were helped by volunteers from Poland from the project of MC. Bohdan and Malgozhata have come. Time showed us that Jesus had chosen the proper place and proper people by Himself. We add some photos and volunteers’ certificates as well which say stronger than any other words.

“Like a “newly-baked” nurse I went to Odesa on the 17th of July to support Daughters of Charity to give help to the most aggrieved ones and needy. I had to bandage homeless people’s wounds: after amputation, scalds and injuries which appeared after using drugs or alcohol.

Preparing leaving to Ukraine, as a volunteer, I was reflecting on would I manage? I was travelling with fear, because I knew little about working with such a group of people. I imagined how it could be, but reality confrontation completely destroyed my imaginations. I hoped for complicated cases regarding medicine and I was ready for this, but for picture of poverty and so huge need of love – no, I wasn’t ready. In these people’s eyes I saw wounded souls and hearts. Their stories impressed so much that you start to reflect on yourself. What a mistake can you make if you judge people only by their looks, meaning clothes. Many of them used to have a normal life, like we do. Many of them were injured by their father or mother, many of them maimed by war. Having stumbled, fell and can’t withstand anymore with what he or she lived out, but does it give us the right to evaluate them and reject these people? I came back with the mind that I had got some medical practice… But except the practice I am going back home with a great experience and lots of stories, which will be in my heart forever. Caring about homeless helped me to understand that anybody can be on their place. We can never be sure that we will never fall, that life won’t try us so much, and our life won’t be the same as theirs. So, let us do not cross out people, who haven’t managed, but let us give our hands and let us display the mercy and kindness. Let us see the world through their eyes. We are not better than they at all, only our clothes aren’t so seedy, but the hearts, aren’t they often poorer?

I do encourage everybody to take part in giving help to people who are in need, open your eyes and share love. Then you will see amazing thing, that kindness which you give to others will bring yield into your life as well.”

Malgozhata Suyka

“I always wanted to attend missions. But it is not so easy. First of all you have to reflect on why I do really want to go? To make my acquainted to see it, or maybe it is cool in my surrounding? No. Maybe it used to be my thoughts as well. When I knew Jesus, yes really, He gave me the real desire, not just to leave to anywhere, but to help your neighbor. This is the ground (foundation) to leave and for fully Christian life with God as well. Finally the Year of Mercy has come… and I LEFT!!! I was surprised that Ukraine, more so Odesa. As I already mentioned, I always wanted, for this I received the real desire and opportunity, thanks to Sisters of Charity’s affability and to the Project of MC. But the week before leaving the fear appeared. A horrible paralysis before leaving. I assured myself what a strong influence Satan has. I opened the Holy Bible – the only medicine against any doubts and saw the words: “My grace is sufficient.” And the next God’s sign!!! I left, if it is enough, so it is enough. As follows I found myself in Odesa. Time spent here it is the lesson for the whole life. The lesson of faith and mercy.

“Community in dialogue” impressed me the most. Exactly there I saw the might of His Mercy, but first of all I saw Him in drug addicts, alcoholics, homeless, rejected people. It is great when you can see Him in other person, especially with such a past. I thought: “Lord, thank you for changing their lives, that through changing their lives you change my life as well. It is the incredible mercy. I, the adult person, started crying. It is wonderful, how huge His Mercy can be!!!”

One evening in sisters’ house I heard one sister saying some Saint Vincent’s words: “If you go to the homeless 5 times, then you will see Jesus 5 times.” In this very minute and since very moment every next day begins to mean for me something different. Any help, beginning from bandages to serving medicines, has brought me so much joy. It is unbelievable. I didn’t expect to meet God in Poor, nor such satisfaction nor happiness. His grace was sufficient for me! I am leaving this place being happy and refreshed. I am grateful to Sisters who are the real Angeles.”

Thank God. Thank you.

Bohdan Hudi.




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