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farewell with Fr. Tomaz Mavric CM (Kyiv, august, 2016)

“Mercy reminds us that everything we have is a gift. Someone made the first step in our life: has given us a gift, so that we can further develop. Mercy reminds us, that since we all are from God, then everything is given to us, all of us, the whole humanity, the whole family, the world – we are all equals in the eyes of God, at the same level…

Mercy reminds us that we have more than we need for normal life. We have happiness and joy, because we can serve… And let ask yourself where can you be of help right now, not at some point in the past, or when you are retired, but right now, may be even yesterday?..

Mercy opens us the way to heaven. Mercy is my service to the neighbour. It helps me to come out of my sins and become free from them. Step by step. Gradually. If I`m open, my heart opens up to mercy. It will bear fruit at its own time.

We are grateful to God for this gift of mercy, for the fact that mercy is at the heart of Gospel, in the center of Jesus Himfelf. And He is trying to be an example for us and invites us to follow Him». These were the words of Fr. Tomaz Mavric CM, Superior General of the Mission Congregation, pronounced to the guests of «God`s Gift» House during the Holy Mass. The priests of Missionary Congregation from Odessa, Perechyn, Sniatyn, Storozhinets, Kharkov, from Poland and Belarus, nuns and priests from other congregations in Kyiv, friends, friends of friends and volunteers, all came that evening on August, 3 after their work or study, to say good-bye and express their gratitude to the former visitator of vice-province St. Cyril and Methodius.

The Marian Sisters of the Miraculous Medallion, as usual prepared delicious dishes for the buffet, which took place immediately after the Holy Mass. Everyone had at least a short possibility to talk individually with Fr. Tomaz.

A farewell to the parishioners in Kyiv in the church of St. Alexander also took place on Sunday, August, 7. Fr. Vitaly Bezshkuryy, the senior priest of the cathedral has invited him to take part.

The Holy Mass was broadcasted all over Ukraine. Thanks to Radio Maria those who could not attend the Holy Mass, could join the common prayer with Fr.Tomaz via radio.

Fr. Tomaz, CM, Superior General, was interviewed on the air on Radio Maria on August 9, where he spoke about the elections of the General Superior in the Missionary Congregation, about the charisma of the Congregation, the founder of St. Vincent de Paul and about the way to recognize the face of Christ in today’s needs.

And lthough Fr. Tomaz is going to Rome now, he will remain with us as well.



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