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Congratulations two new graduates

Great news!

There was the graduation two more guys, who have been rehabilitated in Comunity in dialog and now they start a new phase of their life in sobriety and freedom.

On August 20, 2016 we were happy for gift of life in prayer and in delicious meal in Buldyntsi. We were happy in victory of desire to live over the addiction. Because of two more guys finished this program. This is a great sign and hope!

The hope is that addiction is not a verdict. The desire to live is stronger than any subjugation or alcoholism or drug addiction.

The Community in dialog enable to reborn.

There was a presentation of the first Community in dialog`s book “Principles and path in the desert” in Ukrainian, which was given to us by the founders of Community, in Italy.

We thank the sister Juliana Andrusiv for organizing the translation, edition and printing. This booklet is a guide on the path to freedom.

We ask the friends to spread the information about Community in a dialog that gives free opportunity to cure women and men from drug and alcohol addictions.



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