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The begining of charity project “Blessed Marta Wietska” in Perechyn

A lot of people are not interested in God today. Human is looking for happiness every day, but mostly he is searching for wealth, which doesn’t bring him peace and satisfaction.

Human is almost not interested in God and almost nobody pay attention to Him. Human is deprived of ethical norms, only personal interests play role.

Thus, human needs the renovation and revival of life. That’s why encouragement to conversion and human’s openness to God’s call is needed, in order to renovate and fulfill the human life in unity with God the Father and all the neighbors.

Noticing all these needs and reflecting on all needs of modern human, we started to think to begin small service to people, regardless of needs. But these thoughts make us worry how we can realize this service. And finally this day happened.

The project “Blessed Marta Wietska” has started its service and work on the 8th of October in Perechyn. The service, first of all, is directed to help all those people who have a lot of necessities and need help, but other people are just passing by without any attention to them.

It’s necessary to mention, that not only at the time of our founder – St. Vincent there were a lot of people who needed help, but also we may often meet people, who have some necessities. Actually, people in need were at the time of St. Vincent as well as today.

Very often we meet people with lot of needs. Those, whom we meet or visit almost every day, have many problems. We have noticed this by living nearby and meeting them quite often.

This means that a lot of those people need help: with shopping and cooking, washing clothes, supplying with medicine. I also have to mention that there are a lot of families with many children. Very often parents of these children are not able to supply them. Some of children don’t have enough food, they don’t go to school, because they don’t have enough clothes and shoes and sometimes they even can’t live full life.

This amazing project already started its work thanks to Daughters of Charity and volunteers of AIC group.

For this moment we are cooking and distributing food for twenty people. A lot of people are asking: “What for are you doing this job?”. But we believe and know: “serving others is serving to Jesus”.




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