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Missions in Ochakiv

We, parishioners of Ochakiv Roman Catholic Parish of Our Lady of Czestochowa, would like to say our open-hearted words of gratitude to Fr. Stanislav from Zakarpattia region and to Fr. Yan from Kharkiv. They came to Ochakiv situated on the Black Sea coast, being invited by our parish priest Fr. Kazymyr to hold a Mission between November 22 and 29, 2015.

Six months before, we prayed for the Holy Mission every Sunday. We asked God to bless the Mission, to grant us His mercy so that our parish renewal could lead everyone to unity with God and the words that would be preached could enter our hearts and draw us all to Jesus Christ.

And so those blessed days came, when all parishioners after their work would rush to the church for 5 pm Blessed Sacrament exposition. Then, at 5:30 pm the Holy Rosary followed, and at 6 pm the Holy Mass began. After the Mass, our dear fathers with their instructions sowed the seeds of Devine Word in our hearts, held a meeting with alcohol or drug addicts being treated at the Apostolic Rehabilitation Center. From their words and statements we understood that only with a prayer and God’s help can a person return to a normal life. A lot of attention was also spared for families. The Stations of the Cross were held in the intention of love for our neighbors beginning from our love for God, for ourselves, from love for our parents, our husband or wife, children. We also prayed for peace and concord in our families, because all of us are children of God. The statuette of Virgin Mary you presented to our parish goes now from one home to another with a prayer.

Our faith unites us and releases from spiritual problems as well as gives us fortitude, supports us in our weaknesses with its strength, increases our faith, hope and love, and these virtues have always been agreeable to God’s Son and His Mother.

Dear fathers, may your work on Missions at our parish, which is an example of your steadfast trust in God, teach us to accept all joys, trials, sorrows and sufferings that fill us up in our everyday cares, and may them keep us in our joy and Christian hope. We are following you, our dear shepherds, because your way is the most precious leading to Heaven, to God. You have enkindled a fire of faith in our hearts, and it is our duty to ensure that this fire will never go out – in us, in our children and our grandchildren.

Our dear pastors Fr. Stanislav, Fr. Yan and Fr. Kazymyr, we cannot fully express our deep gratitude for your work in God’s vineyard in holding the Mission. We thank you for arranging our spiritual life, for your kind hearts, patience and work in our parish. We wish you sound health, goodness and care of God’s Mother, God’s blessing and fruitful work for God’s glory.

Respectfully yours, Ochakiv parishioners



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