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Retreat for St. Faustina’s prayer group in Kharkiv

Every year, during Christmas holidays’ season, St. Faustina’s prayer group has its retreat in St. Vincent de Paul’s Parish in Kharkiv. This New Year 2016 was not an exception. At the beginning of the New Year, the group gathered together at a parish pastoral center for spiritual exercises so that having gained spiritual strength in such a way they could more actively fulfill their Christian duties.

During those spiritual exercises a small pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Blessed Virgin Mary’s Assumption in Kharkiv took place to walk through a Holy Door in this Jubilee Year of God’s Mercy and through the participation in the Holy Sacraments to gain a plenary indulgence.

The group also visited a Carmelite Sisters’ convent in Pokotylivka.

May kind God add to the fruits gained from that retreat!



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