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Joint holidays in Bukovel

On February 8, seminarians along with their principal left for Bukovel for joint holidays. Although the way from Kyiv was far, it was fun. In Yablunytsia, where we were supposed to reside, an unpleasant weather surprise waited for us: rain and no snow at all. However, we went to Bukovel pistes anyway. Although it was wet and raining, there was enough snow to ski. After skiing, all of us got sopping, but no one even though about it. After two days of our stay there, a pleasant surprise waited for us: snow fell, and everyone cheered up right away. Mountains were covered with snow, fog cleared away. Beautiful Carpathian landscapes lay before us; we admired them to the top of our bent and, surely, made lots of nice memorable pictures. Ski pistes were fine, it was convenient and nice to ski there. After our 5-day holidays, everyone was a bit exhausted, but very pleased and happy.

We thank God for the wonderful weather and for everyone coming back safe and sound.

On behalf of all seminarians, we express gratitude to our principal for organizing such a wonderful and sound rest on our holidays.

От имени всех семинаристов, благодарим нашего директора за организацию такого прекрасного и здорового отдыха на каникулах.



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