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Holidays with God in Dzhublyk mountain area

A summer camp for minor kids took place between July 8th and July 12th, 2019 in Dzhublyk.

Dzhublyk is a mountain area near the village of Nyzhnie Bolotne located in Irshava district, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine.

The camp was organized by the Fathers of the Mission of St. Vincent de Paul and the Marian Sisters.

40 children participated in the summer camp. Those kids arrived there from parishes of Perechyn, Velykyi Bereznyi, Huta, Turi Remety and Onokivtsi.

That was a splendid time when children had a chance to meet each other, have a rest both physically and spiritually. Thanks to the efforts of Sr. Ivanchitsa, who assembled a group of animators from the villages of Turi Remety and Onokivtsi, the camp activities program was rich and fun. Animators came up with an interesting entertainment and catechetical program for the kids.

Every day, children were involved into physical drills, games and catechesis classes. The Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Anton Yedinak, CM, in a chapel on a daily basis. The kids participated in the Mass with great joy and willfully helped the priest by the altar.

Another thing to point out here is that the children from our parishes turned out to be gifted and diligent while performing handiwork and different creative activities. Thus, every day kids could try a hand at doing different things and make lovely crafts of various materials.

That was the way the kids spent those 5 days of holidays. Afterwards, every one of them came back home satisfied and happy.

Ivan Velimets

For the animators, the preparations period for the summer camp was a little bit difficult. For my part, I can say that we started our preparations several months ahead of the camp. We perfected the program with games, catechesis classes and different handicrafts trying it out on our personal experience. Sure thing, our experience of being animators was not devoid of emotional stress and various tough moments, but we received support from sisters and the father. Thus, we always found the way out in different situations. That involvement taught us to strike compromises, to be the leaders and to communicate with children.  For the animators, the time spent in the summer camp was fun, intensive and spiritually strengthening.

Marianna Rusyn


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