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Holidays in Croatia

The youth from the villages of Tyri Remety and Onokivtsi supervised by Fr. Anton Yedynak, CM, Fr. Anatolii Tovkan, CM, Sr. Ivanchytsia Fulir, MC, and Sr. Kateryna Vasylenko, MC, set off for the splendid country of Croatia on an extraordinary journey between July 14th and July 24th, 2019. They were invited on vacation by the Marian Sisters of the Miraculous Medal. That was a wonderful time enabling everyone not only to become spiritually richer but also to have a good rest and get pleasant impressions of the trip.

The Marian Sisters assembled young people from three countries – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine. Moreover, the Sisters also made sure that time was spent not only fascinatingly and fun but also interestingly and productively. For that purpose, they prepared an activity program that featured a common prayer, Holy Masses, catechesis classes, work in groups and communication. Thus, the youth had a chance not only to enrich themselves spiritually but also to hear life stories of vocations from sisters and priests, to learn more about the lives of saints, to deepen their faith and to think about their own way in life. Besides, young people could also get creative during their work in groups.

While on their way to Croatia, our youth was nervous that it would be difficult for them to understand others in a strange country, and that the foreign language could become an obstacle for their communication. However, right from the very first day of their stay they saw how welcoming the Croatians were and that the Holy Spirit would always help out when someone sincerely wished to understand another person. To add more, joint work in groups united young people from different countries into one team and consequently bore its fruits. During a following part of the program, no one was afraid to talk anymore, and the youth even learned foreign words with interest.

Sincere and amiable people live in Croatia, and they are really glad to welcome guests (especially from Ukraine). They are ready to do their best for us to feel comfortable during our stay and to have no lack in anything.

One day, a priest in charge of the missions took us on a one-day excursion to the town of Senj. He showed us impressively beautiful places, shrines and told us an incredible story of Virgin Mary’s apparition in that town. The locals deeply honor Her till this day and come there with trust to pray in front of Virgin Mary’s miraculous icon. The story goes like this. An army of 80,000 warriors confronted 800 people, but suffered defeat when seeing Virgin Mary on the town walls. She spoke: “This is my town, and you shall not do any harm to it!”

This is just a small part of all that has been heard and seen there. Croatia is full of interesting sites, picturesque views and sincere smiles! The youth came back home with a tremendous bundle of new discoveries, pleasant emotions and with the feeling of gratitude to all those who facilitated their trip as well as to those who gave a warm welcome to them there.


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