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The relics of St. Vincent de Paul in Odesa region

On August 23, Saint Vincent de Paul (his relics) visited the poor of the city of Odesa in house of Depaul Ukraine in Odesa.
As St. Vincent walked at streets of the cities and served the poor and people in need, so his followers do today … around the world.
Fathers from Congregation of the Mission, Daughters of Charity, employees of Depaul Ukraine in Odesa, MISEVI volunteers and other people of good will follow our saint in Odesa …
This event was a deep experience of meeting the saint for us and our poor people. All of us draw inspiration and learn true love from his kindness and love, and sincere devotion. The true love is one, which does not think for herself, but sees quiet suffering and eyes filled with tears…

The relics of St. Vincent de Paul visited also the cathedral in Odesa! Bishop Bronislav Bernatsky, Head of the Conference of Bishops in Ukraine loves this saint, and now he had opportunity to worship the relics and pray for intercession on his own with parishioners.
Saint Vincent, we are Your children – pray for us!

29.08.2019 The relics of St. Vincent de Paul could be worshiped in the Church of St. Stanislaus in Balta

St. Vincent de Paul’s relics visited the Community in Dialogue Rehabilitation Center in Buldynka on 31.08.19.
Female and male rehabilitation groups, as well as residents of Buldynka village, our neighbors and their children, met the relics at 9 P.M.
The solemn procession with the candles accompanied the introduction of the relics of St. Vincent in our chapel, where we pray together every Sunday.
Thank you Lord! Let an example of life and zeal in dedication of life inspire us and fill us with the courage, that we also could dedicate our entire lives!

01.09.2019 the relics of St. Vincent de Paul visited the parish in Dobroslav and Onyskove village.
That was a real visit in fact, as the father visited his children.
Here is a place, where his spiritual children serve, the Missionary from Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity.
There was a special experience of the meeting in the parish of Onyskovo village, as this parish is named after Bl. Sister Martha Wietska – a Daughter of Charity, who served in spirit of St. Vincent de Paul!
That is the way the father met his daughter!
Almost 400 years ago Saint Vincent de Paul has founded the Community of Daughters of Charity in France!
Today we watch the examples of sainthood and listen to the invitations.
Following the example of the FATHER OF THE POOR, lets love Jesus by giving ourselves!

It is a sainthood that is “as heavy as a basket filled with bread, but full of pleasure for soul…”


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