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Greetings from Fr. Leonid Kuklyshyn, CM

«God died for us and through His death
He shed blood because of His love for us, and His glory promises us eternity.
Are there any other reasons beyond that to think: «God died for us!»
This is more than enough to be faithful to Him».
(St. Vincent de Paul)

The resurrection of Christ is the triumph of justice and the victory of good over evil. The resurrection of Jesus is an affirmation of faith and hope in each person’s heart; it is living with Him in eternity.

The resurrection of Christ unites all of us with faith in the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, life over death. In the midst of the shadows and darkness of death, the Light, Christ present among us, shines for us. After His Resurrection He appeared to the worried, frightened, and embarrassed apostles, and said to them: «Peace be with you! Do not fear, as I have overcome death, I am the Resurrection and the Life!»

May this good news in these hard times affirm our conviction that patience and suffering are rewarded with victory and life is crowned with glory.

I wish you internal purity and harmony, peace and calmness.

May the Resurrection of Christ strengthen us in our vocation and faithfulness to Him to the very end. May the Lord bless you in daily ministry to God and to the people, grant you the necessary graces so that, by serving God, the Church and the people could grow in spirit every day and be deserving witnesses to the proclamation of the Gospel.

Having bowed in prayer, I ask for a lot of God’s grace for you. I also pray for all your relatives, friends and acquaintances, those you work with and those you serve.

May the Risen Jesus bless you and reward you and all your loved ones with his peace, calmness, hope, love and joy.


Fr. Leonid Kuklyshyn CM

Visitor of the Vice-Province of SS. Cyril and Methodius



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