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Challenge VMM

The Vincentian Marian Youth from Kharkiv has launched an interesting challenge! The point is to make a good use of the present lockdown period and to enrich ourselves spiritually. Our goal is that every member of the Vincentian Marian Youth in Ukraine could meanwhile contribute to the production of audio and video book Heritage. The Saints and Blessed of the Vincentian Family (based on the eponymously-named book by Fr. Alberto Vernaschi, CM). Thus, taking turns, young people from different cities and towns are supposed to record their videos on saints and blessed persons of the Vincentian Family. Thereafter, we are going to take those videos and assemble them into one single book which will be available for everyone afterwards.

We hope that we spend the time of this lockdown with some use and what is still more important – all together!

Audio and video materials are available on VMM in Ukraine Facebook Page:


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