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Feast of Miraculous Medal celebrated in Kyiv

Today, God reveals a mystery in our life so that we could know the difference between important and unimportant, genuine and pretend, worthy and unworthy…

189 years ago, and namely on November 27, 1830, the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Catherine Laboure and through her granted to people the Miraculous Medal that became known all over the world. Nowadays, Priests of the Mission, Sisters of Mary of the Miraculous Medal, members of the Association of the Miraculous Medal, volunteers of the Vincentian Family, friends and event visitors assembled at the Chapel of the Beatitudes in Bozhyi Dar House on November 27, 2019. Among those guests, a special warm welcome was given to Ms. Consul Grazyna Horonzykiewycz and Sisters of Mother Teresa.

As Fr. Leonid Kuklyshyn, CM, Visitor of the Vice-Province of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, said, in that day Gospel reading we could see a tremendous role of the Virgin Mary in the life of the Church. And that role continues to be important right to the end of times, to transfiguration, to the Resurrection. We see how the Virgin Mary at the wedding attends to everything so that all would be right. Without Her concernment, that wedding could have ended in quite a different way, even tragically. However, She believes and trusts in the Son of God and instructs others to believe and do as Her Son says. Thus, with Her own life, She shows us that with trust to God everything will be all right in Her life, in your life.

The Virgin Mary revealed to St. Catherine Laboure the Miraculous Medal, meaning that She wanted to be beside us and change us for better, and She asked Her Son to grant us everything we needed. Moreover, She also asked us to believe that He would never do anything bad or evil. The Medal is a kind of a symbol meaning that through our prayer and wearing it Our Lord will save us and grant His gifts to us.

Almost every one of us has a personal Medal and wears it, and prays to the Virgin Mary every day. It is our protection from all evil and above all it is something bringing us hope and reminding us of the Virgin Mary and Her Son so that in moments when everything seems hopeless to us we could remember the Medal, our prayer and strength coming from that prayer.

The Medal is a symbol of faith, just like the cross. The Medal is a gift from Heaven. It is our witnessing and our way with Mary to Christ. We, every one of us, like St. Catherine Laboure, receive that revelation – acquaintance with the Medal. So, every day we learn to trust and discern what is worthy and important. We are so grateful to God for this gift!

On that day, we asked for renewal of trust to the Virgin Mary, entrusted ourselves to God through the Medal so that we could gain those blessings that Our Mother Virgin Mary had prepared for us. May the Virgin Mary have a special place in our life!

At the end of the celebration, Sisters of Mary of the Miraculous Medal treated everyone present there with tasty goodies.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!


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