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The future is impossible without goodness and mercy

Under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Vitalii Novak, CM, at conferences we managed to discuss and learn the way Divine mercy worked in human life. While communicating and debating with each other, we discovered for ourselves the image of merciful God who called us to be kind. Our practical exercise consisted in our participation in a project of “Depaul Ukraine in Odesa”, which involved serving homeless people. It was the moment when we understood how one could serve people in need with joy and love and give them a possibility to feel worthy of God’s love. Every one of us could make sure that God’s mercy came to each human being, regardless of his or her social status. We were overwhelmed with joy at our ability to be God’s arms putting them around disadvantaged, sick and dumped people.

Having visited Community in Dialogue rehabilitation centers for women in the village of Vizirka and for men in the village of Buldynka, which effectively help people find their way out of alcohol and drug addictions and set up in life again, we once more made certain of God’s boundless love towards those people. Those meetings taught us to take a different look at people, who, having not experienced God’s love in their life through various life circumstances, suffered both physical and spiritual fall, but having felt God’s mercy, were taking their first steps towards their full recovery. Hope and faith sprang within them. As for us, we understood that Our Lord received everyone; He turned away from none of us and gave each human being a chance to change his or her own life for the better. Everyone who cares can give a hand to such people through prayer and moral support.

A perfect example of showing mercy to one’s neighbor were Fathers of the Congregation of St. Vincent de Paul Vitalii Novak and Vladyslav Bismak as well as Sisters of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and volunteers along with staff of “Depaul Ukraine in Odesa”.

We are grateful to Sr. Nikol and Sr. Letytsiya from the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer for making all arrangements and granting us a possibility to make our spiritual renewal and reconsider our Christian life.

Members of the Spiritual Family of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer in Uman: Oksana, Svitlana, Liudmyla

Text and photos taken from Catholic Media Center web-site:


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