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Annual Executive Meeting Of International Movement Of Catholic Students 2018.

The meeting was held on April 7, 2018 in Kiev. It began with a mass at 10:30am that was celebrated by Rev. Father Jan Martincek CM together with  Frs Anthony Ekpunobi, Sherin Dominic and  Fr Jan Tzorp, the Vice Visitor.   The meeting started at 11:30am.  In attendance were the members of the IMCS executives, Student Leaders from  Lviv, Kharkiv, Kiev, Sumy, Poltava, Zaporozhe, Vinnytsa, Chernivytsi, Ivano- Frankivsk Ternopil, Odessa and Uzhgorod.

The National Coordinator, Fr. Jan highlighted the need for integration bearing in mind the diverse nature of the movement. Activities of the movement will continue to reflect the diversity at the same time integration of all in order to reflect the motto: We are on in the Lord; We are one in the Spirit.

The agenda was a review of the year’s activities and plans on improvement. The last Christmas Carols in January 2018 were evaluated and recommendations made for 2019 carols. New cities were appointed to host the next carols in 2019. Chernivsti will host the carol for the Western region, while Dnipropetrovsk will host for the Eastern region. The Meeting ended will Lunch at 14.30.



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