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“Loving someone means saying to that person: ‘You shall not die!’

Loving someone in Christ means granting the whole resurrection to that person.” 


Before we proceed with expressing our sincere gratitude for your participation in the “Vincentian gingerbread” campaign in 2017, the raised money from which were directed at the support of the Community, we would like to give a brief description of the “Community in Dialogue” itself.

“Community in Dialogue” is first and foremost the program aimed at acquiring a brand new productive life for those people who have found themselves at the bottom and on the margins of our society because of various types of addictions: drug, alcohol, gaming, medicine addiction, etc.

During a rehabilitation program, which lasts for two years, its participants not only learn how to meet rationally their daily challenges, but also primarily learn to be mature and responsible persons so that they could get back to their normal life again. Every rehabilitant is able to see one’s own revival through a certain responsibility entrusted to that person by the community. A rehabilitant becomes a member of the community. Each member of the community is responsible for something: starting from caring for indoor plants, answering a door bell, keeping pets, working in the kitchen and up to being responsible for other people. Therefore, there is no servitorial staff in the Community, and all those duties needed for everyday functioning of the Centers are carried out by rehabilitants themselves. These include cleaning, housekeeping, caring for pets, routine repair, etc. The rehabilitation “encompasses” the whole person – his or her physical condition, emotional state, rational state and spiritual state as well. Program participants are accompanied and supervised on this way of revival by the Missionary Fathers, Sisters – the Daughters of Charity, volunteers, doctors and psychologists.

The “Community in Dialogue” was founded in December 2012 in the village of Buldynka just outside Odesa, and at first it was intended for men only. However, right from the start of Center activity, burning need for addicted women rehabilitation was revealed as well. Thanks to God, a center of the “Community in Dialogue” for women with children was built and opened in 2014 in the village of Vizyrka, Odesa region. In September 2017, due to benefactors, a rehabilitation center for men was opened in the village of Fedorivka, Kyiv region.

Throughout the “Community in Dialogue” existence in Ukraine, 143 persons showed up in the centers and tried to fight their addictions to change their lives. The number of people on the program this year is 21.

All those money needed for rehabilitation, treatment, accommodation as well as for keeping the “Community in Dialogue” we receive from our benefactors.

Due to the “Vincentian gingerbread” campaign, which was held in Ukraine in autumn 2017, we received donations for the “Community in Dialogue” upkeep (foodstuffs and medicaments in October through December 2017).

So, from the bottom of our hearts, first and foremost from all those receiving an opportunity in the “Community in Dialogue” to rise again for a new life, a life in sobriety and dignity of God’s children; on behalf of their children and families that have attained their hope again; on behalf of all priests and sisters following addicted people every day up to their full recovery and transformation, we express our humble gratitude to all benefactors for the assistance you have rendered through making donations for Vincentian gingerbreads. May Our kind God the Father fill you with His generous blessings and graces for your showing hope and belief in those rejected by everyone and disbelieved by everybody else. You, just like Jesus Christ, although in your own way, inspired those people to set themselves free of different addictions of our time!

Each Sunday rehabilitants always pray with their whole community for all our benefactors during the Holy Mass!

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You can find out more about the “Community in Dialogue” centers by following this link.



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