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Balta – Holidays with God!

Summer is always synonymous with vacation, time for relaxation. It is especially important for kids. Summer is meant for rest and gaining strength.

So, that summer children from Balta set off for the town of Haivoron, Kirovohrad region, to rest there. They were splendidly met and welcomed by Fr. Tadeusz.

The vacation was arranged at a high level. It involved comfortable rooms, trampolines, a swimming pool, and highly tasty breakfasts, dinners and suppers. The program organized by Sr. Ksenia was superb. In the morning, the children would rise to a joyful music. Then they had their morning exercises, breakfast, work in groups and a daily Holy Mass. Thereafter, there was dinner, time in a swimming pool and delicious supper followed by creative activities, excursions, plays and entertainment, evening fun activities, social dancing and watching movies. All of that brought loads of delight to the kids.

One could not miss a prayer program as well, because those were the holidays with God! During the adoration, children prayed sincerely, asked God for something and thanked Him for everything they had received. For what Jesus says is true: «Unless you become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.» Although kids could pull off things sometimes during the day, in the evening they had courage to ask Jesus for forgiveness with their childish simplicity.

Moreover, children visited an open cast where granite was mined as well as a train yard where they could see steam and engine locomotives. To add more, they had a chance to visit a local history museum in the town of Haivoron.

We think that the experience each of us has gained will remain with us for a long time. So, we are grateful to Our Lord and our donators, thanks to whom our vacation has taken place!




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