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A benefit dinner with “Depaul Ukraine” 2019

“Depaul Ukraine” friends have assembled for a benefit dinner for the fourth time already. On this day, every guest leaves a donation to support the activity of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Depaul Ukraine” in Ukraine which involves the guardianship over the persons who are hard up in the moment (homeless people, refugees, lonely unconnected persons, orphans and lone mothers). This year meeting stood out for a presentation shown to the guests, which included animated graphics, statistics and just photos of daily work done by “Depaul Ukraine” staff and volunteers. In such a way, benefactors were able to “meet” those whom they helped. Fr. Vitalii Novak, CM, head of the Foundation, said jokingly that when they had organized a benefit dinner for the first time, he thought people showed up because they could not say “no” to their friends. People came for the second time showing patience with their friends and having decided to back them one more time. However, when they have come for the third and for the fourth time, he can tell for sure they are interested and believe in this project. This is what acts of faith really are about! It is due to all those present as well as to people who have failed to come that good deeds proceed on a daily basis – these are plain, unnoticeable, and yet so much important for specific persons in need.

Liudmyla Lohush, benefit dinner organizer, welcomed all the guests and thanked them for not leaving “Depaul Ukraine” alone with its task, for being concerned and ready not only to share ideas, but also to join in and render material support or help with actual deeds.

A pleasant surprise for all the attendees were the guests: Sr. Marta, DM, Sr. Barbara Peterlin, MC, and Sr. Paulet Jabbour, who spoke about their ministry in hospitals and in the streets directed at people living in hard life circumstances. “When I clean and treat a wound of a homeless person or else do its dressing, I feel like God’s assistant in the surgery room. I have witnessed it not once in such situations when I have struggled to believe that a deep wound (abscessed, infected, with a deep tissue or muscles injury) can actually heal someday. But when God guides you as His tool, then faith, attention, mercy and inexpensive Ukrainian medicaments perform miracles – wound healings as well as soul healings take place. You have contributed to it as well,” Sr. Marta shared.

As usual, “Kiflyk” restaurant cooked a tasty dinner, while Marian Sisters came up with delicious Zakarpattia desserts.



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