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“Vincentian gingerbread” – summing up Year 2017

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Campaign’s motto – “From the warm heart!” A white ribbon on every gingerbread is the symbol for starvation.

At the end of 2017, we would like to say thank you to all organizers, volunteers, people of good will and benefactors as well as to those who supported the “Vincentian gingerbread” campaign with their prayers. Year 2017 was special for the Vincentian Family in the whole world, so under the slogan “From the warm heart!” we also tried to spread goodness.

In September, the Vincentian Family held the charitable campaign called “Vincentian gingerbread”. The campaign took place in those parishes where the Vincentian Family was present: in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Perechyn, Brody, Svaliava, Lviv, Uzhhorod, Odesa, Balta, Turia-Remeta, Onokivtsi and Sniatyn.

According to a joint decision of Vincentian Family Committee members, collected costs were handed over to “Community in Dialogue” rehabilitation centers to meet their needs. At those centers, addicted people undergo a 2-year rehabilitation course that is highly effective and is arranged for them free of charge.

Background information:

The “Vincentian gingerbread” campaign was held for the second time already. Using donations collected in 2016, volunteers, sisters and fathers in Perechyn served meals for the whole month to lonely unconnected persons, elderly and those in need of help. Owing to the support we gained for our “Vincentian gingerbread” campaign, this activity progresses further on.

“Vincentian gingerbread” is an annual campaign held in September, a month of the Vincentian Family, because it is on September 27 that we celebrate St. Vincent de Paul’s Day.

You can participate in the campaign in the following way:

  • Through getting involved into baking gingerbreads in your parish;
  • Through donating groceries needed for baking the cookies;
  • Through selling baked gingerbreads and thus collecting donations for the campaign;
  • Through saying a campaign supporting prayer.

We unite in charity and goodness. It does not matter whether we shall collect much or a little money. What is important is our participation and involvement in the campaign so that we could support people in need with our personal contribution.

If we help together, we get stronger. When we get untied for the common good, God grants us His blessing.

Please, see below the photo reports covering the way “Vincentian gingerbread” charitable campaign is held in some cities and towns.

Foto from Kyiv

Foto from Balta

Foto from Kharkiv

Foto from Snyatyn


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