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The picnic with the homeless (Kyiv’2021)

Chervona ruta… is a song we always sing with friends on a picnic with the homeless.

And this time, in early June, we organized as usually a small picnic in the backyard of the Day Center (97 Zhylyanska Street, Kyiv). It was not such a big picnic as we always have in the woods, but in this case, the number did not matter. This was a meeting with our poor friends – and this is the most important!

As always, Marian sisters of the Miraculous Medal prepared delicious meals for the picnic, and volunteers brought cakes. After a delicious lunch we played the Ungame and shared life stories and experiences, well, we also sang many fun songs.

In which way a meeting with the poor on a picnic differs from a meeting on the street as with passers-by? When we meet people on the street, we often look away, being afraid to look in their eyes, to smile, not to be indifferent, just to say hello. This happens for various reasons (disgust, fear, indifference, concern, pain or other emotions). At a picnic it is completely different: you look into the eyes, you see a person, his or her emotions and don’t have a fear, because the atmosphere is trusting, you can communicate. Vadym, Serhii, Mr. Oleg, Alla, Victoria… There is a whole story behind each name… And there is depth in their eyes, and you understand that you were wrong in everyday life, when you were afraid to at least greet them with a gentle smile… I went home after a picnic and I was so happy… as if it was a meeting with Him.



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