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Sisters serving in Uzhgorod

The Regional Hospital of A. Novak in Uzhhorod celebrated its 150th anniversary on May 19. The Sisters of St. Vincent of Satu Mare were invited on that occasion. Superior General from the city of Ružomberok (Slovakia), Sr. Pavla Drahanova, Sr. Ulrika Mrejkova and Sisters from Ukraine – Sr. Ahneshka Chervaniova, Sr. Suzanna Tovtyn and Sr. Sviatoslava Ilku arrived for the solemn event.

Those Sisters added to the spirit of charity in the Uzhhorod hospital, without which the activity of such an institution could be hardly imagined. For over sixty years they have been faithfully taking care of the sick, skillfully running the house, and through this they have reaped deep respect from their fellow citizens.

The Congregation received an A. Novak Decoration on the occasion of 150th anniversary.

In Ukraine, the Sisters are based in Uzhhorod, where they, following the example of St. Vincent de Paul, serve the sick and the poor by visiting them in hospitals. Every manifestation of our love for the sick is a testimony to our love for Christ, who Himself cared a lot for the sufferings of His neighbors. Besides, when it is possible and necessary, the Sisters work with young people.



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