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Retreat takes place in Odesa (Fontanka)

Sometimes it happens so that we want to break free from our daily routine, from our dull and drab existence, from things we would like to change in our lives, but we do not know how to do it. It seems that taking a retreat is one of possible ways out when we find ourselves in such situations. It is a pious motivation not to live this way anymore, but rather to start everything all over again, in quite different way.

On the very first day of our retreat Fr. Yan Tshop has shown us that Our Lord acts and wants to act in our daily life. The way Lord came to Mary or prophets not amid some extraordinary conditions, but rather into their reality which was different: there were misfortunes, conflicts, sin, anxiety, revolt. For this reason, during the retreat we have tried to see Lord where He already is present – in our life. And this time turned out to be fruitful, because all retreats are always the time of grace.



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