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Retreat in Kharkiv for young people

A retreat for the Vincentian Marian Youth took place between March 12, 2021 and March 14, 2021 in the Parish of St. Vincent in Kharkiv. The retreat was held by Fr. Yan Vakulchak, CM. The theme for the discussion was the notion of “Youthfulness” and its peculiarities. Love, friendship (regarded as a special case of love) and a chance were the key aspects to define at conferences. The issues discussed were:

  • How should you live your adolescence so that being an adult you would not regret the time that is left and the time that has passed?
  • How can one notice and take chances that God grants to us?
  • How much important are our life choices during our moving into adulthood?
  • How can you avoid turning into a coach potato?

In addition, retreat participants covered the following topics:

  • Choosing your life partner, dwelling place, family and friends.
  • Living in reality rather than in illusion.
  • Taking the risk as an important part in one’s adolescence and how not to turn it into a life threating risk for young people.
  • Goal commitment while keeping in mind the existence of alternative points of view.
  • Christ’s presence as a Friend and supervisor in your journey called “Adolescence”.

Every day, Fr. Yan during the Holy Masses unveiled in his sermons so much important issues about “How God reveals Himself through other people” and “Being honest with yourself and God”.

Since it was the retreat for the youth, we had time not only for conferences, but also for having fun, working in groups and taking walks outside.

So, on behalf of the whole VMY in Kharkiv, we express here our great gratitude to Fr. Yan Vakulchak, CM. May the Lord bless him and help him in his ministry!

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