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Retreat in Fontanka (Odesa)

A retreat and recreation adventure for children from the town of Balta took place in the village of Fontanka, Odesa region, between November 3 and November 5. Fourteen kids, from 1st to 7th grade, attended the event.

During those 3 days, children actively participated in the Holy Mass and conferences. Moreover, they had a really good chance to take a rest and to spend the time joyfully together. The kids visited the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Odesa, where they took part in the Holy Mass. Later, they enjoyed a tasty pizza, singing and playing together. Thereafter, there was a surprise – a trip to an amusement park for kids and to the cinema, well and then, of course, a walk to the seaside.

Fr. Rostyslav Riabov


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