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Retreat for Marian Youth in Kharkiv

A retreat for the Vincentian Marian Youth took place between July 19 and July 23, 2020 in Kharkiv.

The theme of that retreat was “Love”. Over the course of the retreat, young people shared their experiences and knowledge concerning various aspects of love meaning not just love between a man and a woman. The youth also discussed the role of love in a friendship and the love between a human being and God.  The talk was supervised with a presentation as well as work in groups.

The presentation consisted of two parts:

❖ Manifestations of love and principles of maintaining love between people:

▪ Words of approval – compliments, words of gratitude, simple talks.

▪ Quality time – walks outside and spending time with loved ones.

▪ Act of service – helping people in need and more.

▪ Gifts.

▪ Physical contacts – hugs, handshaking.


❖ Love between God and a human:

▪ Manifestation of His love through graces and perpetual presence that should inspire people to making changes in their lives.

▪ God’s love in the Gospels.

▪ Reflections on one’s personal faith.

▪ Enhancing one’s faith through church visiting, praying and asking God for help.


Group work for the first part of the discussion was about answering previously prepared questions, which involved changing positions by group participants in a due time. The second part of group activity included composing one’s own version of the Hymn of Love similar to that written by Apostle Paul.

Apart from devoting their time to self-improvement, young people were engaged in entertainment program which included watching a movie about St. Filippo Neri, a recreation on a beach and an evening garden-party.

Written by Mark Ofokha


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