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One day retreat

“I will now allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.”

On Saturday, March 5, “Bozhyi Dar” house in Kyiv became a “wilderness” for several hours, where the Lord spoke to the hearts of one day retreat participants. The Holy Liturgy, God’s Word, sharing and eventually a lunch were the moments through which we got to know God’s presence and the way He acted among us. During those several hours we were like desert-dwellers, who left their daily routine and took some time to listen to the Lord, His tenderness, love and mercy.

There was a spiritual battle underway in the wilderness. We looked at Jesus Christ in the wilderness, at His fight against temptations, and we learned from Him that we must overcome temptations.

In the afternoon, we prayed together with our guests – people in wheelchairs.

The prayer was held by Fr. Oleksii Shevchenko, CM. We listened to one another and discovered, in the presence of Jesus, His various ways to reveal Himself to us. Zest for life of our guests in wheelchairs was a great testimony to life being a gift from God.

The meeting ended with a common lunch.



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