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 Missions in Baranyntsi

In the modern world we are running in a big circular flow, we do not have time, we have a lot of duties, a lot of different information… and there is God somewhere in it!  And now we have a good time! This is the blessed time of the holy mission. Holy Mission… That is a time when you can truly stop and think over your life, a time when the voice of God speaks to you in a silence, a time when the soul arises for Christ and connects with him.

The Holy Mission was conducted from March 13 to March 20, 2016 in the Greek-Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Almost a year passed since that time and Fathers Missionaries came back to us again to renew the mission. Their labor was fruitful; the grain that they sowed in our parish sprouted and gave fruits. The mission was conducted by missionaries from the Congregation of Mission of St. Vincent De Paul – Father Stanislav and Father Vitali. Sisters-nuns also participated in the renewal of the Mission.   A parish mission is always of immediate interest, although some people claim that this is a method out-of-date. Saints of all times were able to adapt the mission to different needs of their time. Pope John Paul II said: “I call all of you to renew and update the methods.” He also mentioned that it is necessary to pay attention to two characteristics of the mission for this purpose: enlightenment of mind and parental encouragement.

A mission becomes effective when accompanied by prayer and confession, and encourages the conversion, restoration of    enthusiasm, to awakening vocations. This requires the firmness of the doctrine and the kindness of a heart.

During the renewal of missions, parishioners got to know a lot of new and interesting things. Interesting lectures were conducted for young people on actual topics which the church seemed not to speak in everyday life. Now young people think that the church speaks only about God and about ways to pray, but the renewal of missions made it clear that the church speaks on all topics and clarify how to make the right choice to young people to make their lives happy with God.

Everyone took some of those missionary fruits. There were also a lot of interesting books left and almost everyone bought some for own use.

We express our sincere gratitude to Father Stanislav and Father Vitaly and sisters for their work and prayer. May God bless their missionary work and give peace and health for many years.



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