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Missions in Tavriisk

Parish missions were held in the town of Tavriisk on February 18-25, 2018. Initially, Fr. Yulian, parish priest, solemnly handed over a symbolic key, thus passing on his parish to the Missionaries for that holy time period.

The program of the missions was tight enough. There was no lack of prayer, talks, conferences, adorations and confessions. We also visited an orphanage housing orphaned children. We did not leave aside sick people as well, and while visiting them, we administered them the sacraments they needed.

That was not a big parish; however, several married couples turned up to renew their wedding vows at the time. Ending our missions, we blessed a new missionary cross. We would like to express our gratitude to parishioners and the parish priest who welcomed us with great love and hospitability.

Fr. Jerzhy Havliuk, CM




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